Marco Romero 3D Design is a studio specialized in professional 3D visualizations and Virtual Reality Simulations developments. Autodesk 3Ds MAX® Authorized Developer of VR Original Content under official affiliation of VRWorks™ and GameWorks VR™ Registered Developer Program by NVIDIA, and also in partnership with "Samsung Developer program".

We are known for the quality of our work, professional project management, and competitive pricing; where highlights projects for the Oil and Gas industry, Medical & Healthcare, as well as several projects of Architecture, Engineering and Real Estate Industry.

Visualizations produced at Marco Romero 3D Design Studio can significantly aid your marketing efforts, cut costs and help with getting your project, product or idea sold. The possibility to see things that don't exist yet is invaluable.

  • Virtual Reality Developments

  • 360º Developments
    In partnership with Samsung Developer program
  • Virtual Reality
    Original Content for all platforms
  • WE USE
    Advanced Programming Techniques for Real Time Simulations
  • Our studio offers wide variety of services
    Everything from ArchViz
    and Product Visualizations
    to VR and 360º


This brochure has been carefully compiled but no rights can be derived from this, all work is exclusive copyright of each owner. All works shown are real projects for real clients. By NDA we cannot show all work done.

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VR Content Developments

Virtual Reality content development under official affiliation of "VRWorks" and "GameWorks" Registered Developer Program by NVIDIA. We work for all VR platforms available in the market. All our work is guaranteed.

360º Developments

In partnership with "Samsung Developer program" to have Pre-launch validation and Certification for our 3D work as VR content creators. We develop original 360 degrees content for Photos, Video and Virtual Scenarios.

Virtual Architecture

We are architecturally trained, so unlike many of our competitors we have an in-depth understanding of what our clients are looking to achieve for VR. Proficient in CAD design with AutoCAD© and 3Ds MAX© for work in any platform / engine you need.

3D Design

Our work can significantly aid your marketing efforts, cut costs and help getting your project, product or idea sold. The possibility visualizing non-existent things is invaluable. Our work involves the integral development of 3D content: Organic Modeling and Hard Surface, Textured, Mapping, Rigging, Lighting, Motion Capture, Rendering, Animation, Particle Systems, Visual FX.

Consulting and Advice

We build our own custom VR computers, workstation PCs and high-end servers. 18 years of experience in custom-build high-performance computer systems and software installation. We keep up to date constantly as well as informed about the latest trends in Hardware and Software market. We offer the ideal solution advice for your work.

Remote Assistance

We provide Remote Assistance Service to help you if required. We are committed to provide the highest level of service. No matter where in the world you are, if you have an internet connection we can help you.

In Partnership

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We have the experience and knowledge, software and high end hardware that allow to develop your project on record time. We strive to provide the highest level of service. We will work with your specifications, content and desires to create the best product and deliver the highest level of service. 3D Design Studio will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates.


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